Naked Lady of the Week: Laura Doone

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


The witchy woman was a big thing in the ’70s, or at least that’s my sense. There was even a song about her. Several, actually. She was dangerous, tempestuous, possibly malevolent, but also unbelievably hot. This figure seems to have been purged from the culture. Is it because women have lost (or maybe abdicated?) their mystery? I think that’s part of it. Salome, where have you gone?

Bob Guccione favored witchy women. His Penthouse was full of stormy-haired sorceresses, all of them photographed in Guccione’s distinctly gauzy way. To get at them you had to imagine your way through layers of atmosphere and gossamer. That was part of their tease, their spell. Their big flamboyant bushes represented the final layer. And they all had big flamboyant bushes. Witches don’t shave, son. If you can’t handle that, the shallow end of the erotic swimming pool is right over there. Don’t forget your arm floaties.

Anyway, 1976 Pet of the Year Laura Doone was of the witchy woman mold. She’s among my favorites of the era. If Amazon is any guide, she’s remembered fondly by others.

Nudity below. Enjoy the weekend.

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1 Response to Naked Lady of the Week: Laura Doone

  1. James Casey says:

    One of the all-time sexiest women ever in Penthouse


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