Who are Those . . . Guys?

Fenster writes:

When CBS gives $20M to #metoo who do they give it to? I don’t think the original organization founded by Tarana Burke is a 501(c)(3). It was founded in 2006 and ought to have an IRS form 990 on the charity database Guidestar if it were but I can’t see one. And its website does not provide any information at all on what it is–board of directors, “about”, etc. There is a button to donate but it directs you to Girls for Gender Equity, a 501(c)(3) aiming to “create safer and stronger communities for girls, women, and gender nonconforming folks in New York City and beyond.”

Most likely this is another manifestation of the diffuse quality of movements like BLM and Antifa. We speak of them as having a center but they are squishy. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that–it is OK for movements to be squishy. But when movements pick up attributes of the real world there will be some tension.

Another case in point from the sometimes squishy Wikipedia. In describing #metoo you find this sentence:

For all public cases of the Me Too movement, the presumption of innocence applies until a final conviction.[12]

Where does footnote 12 take you? To an article that says the exact opposite: that “with #MeToo, we have lost the presumption of innocence.”

Who is the author of the Wikipedia article and on what authority does she speak? And what is the organization, or movement, or whatever, that she is speaking of in making this claim?

Meanwhile back to the title question: who are those guys, the guys that will get $20 million from CBS?  Why do I wonder whether the squishy nature of #metoo is allowing executives there to ponder the different ways that the donation might be leveraged for corporate advantage?  And that no one will bother much to see where the money goes, who may know whom in the matrix, and the good that it does in the end?

The ever provocative “Entertainment Lawyer” at Crazy Days and Nights has raised this point in a so-called “blind item”.

Someone really needs to audit the books of this organization which has seen a ton of Hollywood money thrown into its coffers. There are several people supposedly in charge of it who have a lot of brand new purchases including two with new homes in the $1.5M range or so who make $70K a year or thereabouts. I think people assume it is used for the intended purpose, but it just seems like one big raid on the ultimate cookie jar of guilt money.

Blind items at that site are typically racy nuggets that the blogger has an answer to, with the answer eventually disclosed, albeit in a kind of tabloid style.  Could be the charity here relates to #metoo (“guilt money”) but perhaps not.  One way or another stay tuned.

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