“Killer Women”

Paleo Retiree writes:

killer with piers

Netflix rec: My wife and I have been enjoying the documentary series “Killer Women with Piers Morgan.” In it, Morgan (a well-known British journalist) talks to convicted and imprisoned American women murderers, while cutting away to the stories of their crimes with news footage, visits to locations, chats with cops and relatives, etc. It’s done in a very sleek, solemn-but-not-slow style, with the director giving his drone-cameras a big workout. Morgan does a perfectly amazing job of being tough yet humane with the killers. He genuinely wants to get to know them a little — he’s the opposite of a prosecutorial showboat, yet he never loses his moral center. And it’s a fascinating experience, of a squirmy, uncomfortable sort, to watch the killers recall their actions and try to persuade themselves and us that they aren’t completely terrible people. Do they really believe themselves or not? And, if so, does it matter? The echoes with current (ah — Christine Blasey Ford — choo!!) events are numerous. “The series is showing you something every woman needs to see,” says my wife.

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  1. Fenster says:

    Believe the killer woman.


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