Fenster wrote:

I am Fenster here but my doppelgänger pens under a different name–he says it is his real one, the fool!–at another site.  He says he knows UR is about politics and culture, and that there is a deep connection.  But I think he feels UR is already burdened with too many of his often overly political rants, and that discretion obliges him to take it outside from time to time.

Anyway, here are some links for any UR readers who are inclined to take it outside.

A note to a friend on climate change.

Bio-Leninism, according to the blogger Spandrell.

A note to a friend on Mueller’s curious public statement.

A note to a UFO-sympathetic friend on the recent wave of UFO sightings.

Distant mirrors in the Antipodes?

In keeping with posts here on how the media is good at ignoring the news, a post on ignoring Farage.

An Front Porch Republic-style appreciation of Wavin’ Dave.

The Democratic candidates.

A note to a friend on David “Brooksie” Brooks.  Part of an ongoing series.

Universal Basic Income.

A note to a friend on Elizabeth Warren and debt jubilees.

A note to a Catholic friend on Jesuit education.

Science, law and RUSSIA!

Speculation on Bernie’s strategy.

Another note to M— on Brooksie.

And another note to M— on Brooksie.

Fukuyama bravely addresses identity politics.

The college admissions scandal.

Fake hate crimes.

A note to two friends on Stoicism.

One more note to M— on Brooksie.























About Fenster

Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.
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