Michael Malice’s Red Pill Test

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

On a recent episode of his podcast, Michael Malice gave the following red pill test to his guest. I don’t agree with all of it, and I think it omits some things, but it’s still pretty good:

Do you agree that….

1. …the corporate press is the enemy of the people?
2. …conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit?
3. …public schools are literally prisons for children?
4. …when it comes to Trump we don’t deserve him?
5. …the corporate press generally believes they’re your betters?
6. …progressivism is domesticated imperialism?
7. …the three legs of progressivism are the universities, media, and politics?
8. …the battle is won when the average American regards corporate journalists exactly the same as a tobacco executive?
9. …some people are better than others?
10. …Pinochet did nothing wrong?
11. …many people on the left wouldn’t care if you and your family were vanished?
12. …progressivism is a thinly-veiled fundamentalist faith?
13. …the biggest failing of the American Right is that Americans don’t understand how bad communism was?

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5 Responses to Michael Malice’s Red Pill Test

  1. Kirk Forlatt says:

    Poor Mr. Malice. All those words undercut by the fact that “you’re” is spelled incorrectly. He needs to have a chat with his web designer.


  2. I consider myself a committed “Let-us-at-least-take-a-freaking-stab-at-considering-all-angles-of-the-issue” liberal. But I lost my coffee at “Pinochet.” I had been blissfully unaware this was a thing.


  3. Kirk Forlatt says:

    OK, thanks for the correction and please overlook my hasty snark.


  4. Peterike says:

    I think 8 pushes too hard (that would be good but the battle would not be “won”) and 13 is wrong. But a good list. Of course you could have this be several hundred items long given how Progressives have infested everything.


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