You Can Never Be Too Thin, Too Rich or Too Woke

Fenster writes:

According to that arbiter of all matters cultural, Teen Vogue, Asian-Americans Need to Go Beyond Apoloigizing for Anti-Black Racism.

Asian Americans–the loud ones anyway–are quick to declare solidarity with blacks Blacks. A little too quick if you ask me.

This mostly looks like apologizing. These usually take the form of indulgent, long-winded aggrandizements from non-Black people that mostly just read as a desperate plea to not be seen as racist. These apologies usually stretch paragraphs when they could just be two words: “I’m sorry.”

One problem with the idea of “confronting anti-Blackness” is that it means everything and nothing at once. . . .

Guilt won’t change the world, but care, willfulness, and action can. As ChangeLab’s Jung said: “Do not bench yourself. We need you.”

Or, as Steve Bannon remarked in a somewhat different context “Action! Action! Action!”

Enough with this “model minority” business. It’s just a way of infantilizing Asian Americans, giving them, as the article argues, “a little more respect” as a way of shutting them up and then shutting them down.

The fact that Asians Americans are cajoled to avoid action is apparent, too, in our crime statistics. The racist “model minority” myth has fostered inaction by Asian Americans even in the face of quite obvious dangers. For instance in 2018 blacks Blacks violently victimized Asian Americans 275+ times as often as Asian Americans violently victimized blacks Blacks. And yet we hear nothing of this astonishing statistic.

In fact the absolute number of Asian American victimizers of blacks Blacks was so low that in 2019 the Trump Administration’s Department of Justice just dropped the category of Asian Americans from its victimization survey altogether, this on the bogus grounds that since the absolute number was so low there was a problem of statistical significance.

What a joke. This suggests that if the number were zero there would be all the more reason not to mention it on the grounds of good statistics.

Obviously this is a Trump Administration cover-up designed to perpetuate the model minority business.

It is quite clear Asian Americans are being throttled. But you can only hold someone down for so long–a fact made clear by the shift by blacks Blacks from victim to victimizer Culture Hero. I suspect that by-and-by, and maybe real soon now, Asian Americans will have it up to here with the dainty image foisted on them by Orange Man and the Deplorables, and will form their own rock group.

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Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.
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  1. fenster says:

    honestly it is hard to tell the difference these days. i think so.


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