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“Crazy Wisdom”

Paleo Retiree writes: Doc about Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the Tibetan monk who was mostly responsible for bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the west. He was a big figure in the counterculture from the ’60s through the ’80s (he died in 1987 … Continue reading

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Trans Viewing: “Beautiful Darling” and “Becoming Chaz”

Paleo Retiree writes: For no particular reason, The Question Lady and I spent a couple of recent evenings watching docs that we found on Netflix Instant about trans people. The first one was about a transvestite while the second concerned a female-to-male transsexual.

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Creepshot or Not: Bikinis in the Park

Paleo Retiree writes: When I solicited thoughts and opinions some months ago about whether a snapshot I’d sneaked of a couple of sunbathing cuties in a public park was a Creepshot or not, some visitors concluded A) that it wasn’t, and B) … Continue reading

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“Glenn Gould: Hereafter”

Paleo Retiree writes: Meditation/reflection from 2005 on the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould by the filmmaker and television producer Bruno Monsaingeon, who knew Gould well and worked with him often. Probably not the movie for newcomers to Gould to start with, … Continue reading

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“Bergman Island”

Paleo Retiree writes: This produced-for-Swedish-TV doc by Marie Nyreröd is basically an informal visit with a very aged Ingmar Bergman. The legendary film and theater director is living out his final years on the little island of Fårö. He’s 86 … Continue reading

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Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: This DIY documentary about a rash of child disappearances in ’80s Staten Island and the man widely believed to be responsible for it is an interesting blend of investigative reporting, urban exploration, and pop-inflected creep-out. Filmmakers … Continue reading

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“Witch Hunt”

Paleo Retiree writes: I loved this well-done, labor-of-love, low-budget 2008 doc about child-abuse accusations in Bakersfield, California in the 1980s. The accusations all — let me repeat that: ALL — turned out to be false. Nonetheless, many of them resulted … Continue reading

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