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Quote Du Jour: Bullshit Dumps

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Baseball men often like to attribute the success or failure of a team to clutch performance. Those of us who study baseball systematically know that his is largely untrue, that the number of runs a team scores is … Continue reading

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Back to … the Marshall McLuhan Future

Glynn Marshes writes: A couple days ago, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, a.k.a. the blogger Instapundit, penned a column for USA Today titled “Politicians benefit from American tribal warfare.” Tribalism, Reynolds writes, “is the default state of humanity.” … Continue reading

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What a Goddamn Couple of Weeks Bitcoin Has Had

Sir Barken Hyena writes: Well, maybe it’s over, we’ll see, but the Honey Badger has taken a whipping the last few weeks. After a January of unwonted price stability, we hit heavy weather with a “new bug” in Bitcoin. Transaction … Continue reading

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Knockout Game Roundup

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Last week The New York Times ran a story on “knockout game.” As Chuck Ross at Gucci Little Piggy pointed out, the piece cleverly shifted focus away from the effects of the punching attacks onto a debate about … Continue reading

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When the sides become the entree

Glynn Marshes writes: Perhaps other online publications are doing this as well, but this is the first time I’ve noticed it: at Gawker, reader comments are now arranged in a two-column format. I was almost startled when I first encountered … Continue reading

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NY Times Jumps the Shark, or, Trolling Becomes Journalism’s New Standard

Glynn Marshes writes: So a few days ago, in the comment thread on “What’s wrong with white boys playing the blues,” jr dismissed the LA Weekly article cited as an “exercise in trolling.” Now comes the New York Times, in … Continue reading

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