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One Cheer for Multiculturalism, con’t.

Fenster writes: As Fenster wrote at 2Blowhards over 11 years ago now: Words mean different things in different cultural contexts. Christianity means something different to an elderly Anglican than it does to a recently converted tribesman. The same is true, … Continue reading

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The Propaganda The Corner ATM Machine Is Selling

Paleo Retiree writes: This month in Diversity at the corner ATM machine: How do so many people who champion diversity and multiculturalism persuade themselves that they’re radicals speaking daring, defiant truth to the cruel powers that be? Diversity and multiculturalism … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: The Soviet erotic alphabet. Great to see that the smart and cantankerous Will S. is blogging again. More on Bitcoin. The alternative-currency meme has really become something. Joys of multiculturalism, cont. And more. The things some people … Continue reading

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A Pentagram Solution?

Fenster writes: In a recent New York Review of Books, Timothy Garton Ash weighed in on the subject of multiculturalism.  Correction: make that “subjects” of multiculturalism, in the plural, since the word has multiple meanings. “Multiculturalism” has become a term of … Continue reading

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