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The Law is a “Propaganda Weapon,” Says Former Supreme Court Justice

Blowhard, Esq. writes: In today’s New York Times editorial page, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment. In doing so, he attacks the majority decision in DC v. Heller written by Scalia: … Continue reading

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Guns Again

Fenster writes: In The Nation, Katha Pollitt suggests that in a new generation the NRA may have finally met its match.  Could be.  A spate of recent polls indicate a spike in support for some kind of action.  If those … Continue reading

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Rant Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes: I don’t know what’s more annoying: Michael Che’s triumphantly smug face or this stupid anti-intellectual argument that I hear constantly. Oh, I know, it’s the dumb argument, hence this post. Whether the Constitution needs to be amended is … Continue reading

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Fenster Stands and Delivers

Fenster writes: This is a follow on to a post I wrote earlier today on gun control, which should be read first. That post dealt with the Second Amendment issues and pretty clearly suggested Fenster was persuaded that the Amendment … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Trigger Warning

Fenster writes: I awoke an hour or so ago with guns on my mind.  Maybe it was a hangover from a dream or, more likely, the residue of the many gunshots going off of late, and of the dust-ups resulting. … Continue reading

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