A Gallery of Vegas Weird

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

Alright, so the whole city is bizarro, but here are a few of the odder sights I saw on my trip.

First, one of the minibar offerings in my hotel room.

During checkout, I asked the desk clerk and yes, it comes with batteries. $45 for the kit. He also said, “Weird to think there are 7,000 of these floating around here.” I asked how often people buy them. “I’ve been here just over a year, but I’ve seen thousands of guests, and I’d say no more than 10-15 people,” he said.

Something for the man who has everything.

Not your style? Maybe this PIMP jacket from a store called (no joke) Billionaire is better.

Perhaps some fine art to go along with the new threads?

This would make a great chair in my office.

Ad in a local magazine. This looks more like Guys Night Out to me.

Because when I go to Vegas I wanna see singing Mormons.

Some of the local denizens.

The mother ship has landed.

Agent Provocateur thinks your true self wants to be chained in an S&M dungeon.

The world needs more women dressing like Bettie Page. This store should be in every mall.

Fashion designers like edgy window displays.

This wall brought to you by Jack the Ripper.

Whew! All this photoblogging has me beat. Time to rejuvenate at the oxygen bar.

About Blowhard, Esq.

Amateur, dilettante, wannabe.
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13 Responses to A Gallery of Vegas Weird

  1. Yay, Agent Provocateur. Ya, Bettie Page. Let’s see both of those franchises make it to ever more American cities.

    Did you try a sample at the oxygen bar?


  2. epiminondas says:

    Reminds me of Paradise Island in Disney’s “Pinocchio”.


  3. Sir Barken Hyena says:

    All that’s needed is a burning Rome as a backdrop, and a fiddler or two…maybe the next Vegas fantasy project?


  4. Maule Driver says:

    Nothing like a roof top sunrise blow job to fully define Vegas and sweep all this half assed chatter under the rug it was meant to be under. Read again and repeat. What is an O2 bar anyway?


  5. Spike says:

    I want that jacket. What? Green goes well with my complexion.


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