Quiz o’ th’ Day

Fenster writes:

What is it?

Hubble image?

Detail of painting by Redon?

Chimpanzee art?

Painting by a schizophrenic?

Fan mail from a Flounder?

None of the above?

About Fenster

Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.
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6 Responses to Quiz o’ th’ Day

  1. Epiminondas says:

    Enhanced photo of the earth from space?


  2. Sir Barken Hyena says:



  3. Fenster says:

    Right you are Sir B:
    “Red mud” bauxite waste from aluminium production containing significant amounts of heavy metal contamination, in Darrow, Louisiana.

    Nature can be beautiful!


  4. Fenster says:

    so i won’t send you the prize money


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