Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

  • Unleash the Beef shares the eulogy from his father’s funeral. It could almost serve as a eulogy for traditional American manhood.
  • Related.
  • Bring back the ’70s-style sex film!
  • This strikes me as one of the great Moldbug posts. A real mind bender.
  • According to Gregory Cochran, the Ashkenazi are significantly Italian in origin. Funny. I’ve always been amused by how similar New York Jews and Italians are.
  • Is anyone surprised that lesbian marriages break up more frequently than gay ones?
  • In general, I have a lot of sympathy for gals whose private sexy-time photos get spread across the internet. But this raises some interesting questions. For one thing: What qualifies as “porn”? For another: How to police the tons of random websites that (perhaps unknowingly?) post or end up hosting amateur porn shots culled from the internet? Seems like a real boondoggle to me.

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1 Response to Linkage

  1. agnostic says:

    Gay marriages are less likely to break up than lesbian ones because they’re a complete sham from the get-go, hence less room for major disappointment. They all have explicit “sexual agreements” (in the jargon) about who they can boink outside of the “marriage,” how many individuals, how many times, where it takes place, whether repeats are allowed, sleepovers allowed, etc. It’s a direct carry-over from their non-marriage relationships.

    I had no idea until I looked into the social science lit on queer marriage and parenting. I knew they had no intention of being committed or monogamous, and my social circle in college at one point included a gay “couple,” but I never knew that they all had their explicitly hammered-out contracts. As if you needed further evidence of their mental abnormality…

    If you measure marital disruption by including adultery, then faggots are in whole ‘nother part of the homosexual galaxy than lesbos.


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