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Blowhard, Esq. writes:

I love these seascapes by the 19th century Russian-Armenian painter Ivan Aivazovsky. They make want to pick up a Forester or O’Brian novel.

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10 Responses to Virtual Art Gallery Du Jour

  1. Thanks for pointing this guy out. I hadn’t known anything about him or his art, though I’m aware of nautical paintings as a genre in its own right. This guy’s amazing: great lighting, water and smoke effects — very theatrical but very keyed-into-nature at the same time. How’d you run across him? And what O’Brian novel would you recommend I start with. I really need to give him a read.


    • I’ve never heard of him either. Someone posted a montage of his stuff on Tumblr and it knocked me out. I filched a few more from Wikipedia.

      I tried the first volume of O’Brian’s series a few years ago and didn’t get very far. The good news, though, is that experience seems to be typical. A friend recently recommended starting with the fifth book in the series, “Desolation Island,” which he says is “pure adventure.” He said to then go back and read them from the beginning.


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  6. jjbees says:

    Start with Master & Commander.

    The problem with O’Brian’s series is that you need to tough it out through a novel or two before you can wrap your mind around all the naval terminology.


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