Placerville, California

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

I had to make a quick business trip to the city of Placerville recently, located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The town, a California Historical Landmark, was one of the central locations of the Gold Rush. Here are a few snaps I took of the area.

Click on the images to enlarge.

I’ll share some shots of Sacramento in a later post.


  • Paleo Retiree was in Gold Country not too long ago, here’s his post on the appeal of Nevada City’s architecture.

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8 Responses to Placerville, California

  1. Nice snaps. Looks like a pretty place, and a lot like Nevada City. Lots of retirees, tourists and old hippies?


    • The person I was in town to see was indeed a retiree. He lived further up the mountain so downtown Placerville was as far as he was willing to travel — Sacramento was out of the question. He loves living in Placerville for the fishing and general peacefulness.

      From what I could tell, the town catered mainly to retirees and tourists. Can’t say I saw too many hippies, but I was only there for 24 hours, so my survey was by no means extensive. I’m eager to return someday and explore some more.


  2. Gavin Bledsoe says:

    Placerville is a jewel to visit whether headed from or to Tahoe from the Sacramento side. I have passed through twice and fell in love with it. Some nice used book shops as well.


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  6. Prof. Woland says:

    Apple Hill is a nice little area. For those who have never been there, it is a bunch of small family owned apple farms that open up to weekend tourists coming up from Sacto / Bay Area. There is not much to do there but eat apple pies and gawk but it is fun for youngish children and mom and dad.

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    • JV says:

      Just avoid Apple Hill from Oct – Dec, it is a madhouse. I live in Placer County about an hour from Placerville. The whole Gold Country area is beautiful and dotted with charming towns like Placerville. Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, Cool, Volcano, Jackson, etc. And of course there’s Truckee a little farther north, and Lake Tahoe ain’t so bad. And then Davis and Winters to the south. I’m a Bay Area native and moved to the Sacramento area 12 years ago, reluctantly. I’ve grown to love it, the perfect spot between the coast and the mountains, with Sacramento itself becoming a thriving little metropolitan city. It’s pretty damn conservative and religious (especially the small town I live in), which some readers here may appreciate, I don’t know. Lots of guns and god bumper stickers. But hey, there’s also plenty of weirdos, in the best way.

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