yeah baby

Glynn Marshes writes:

I read Pamela Des Barres’ memoir, “I’m With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie” shortly after it was published in the mid-80s.

Here’s a new interview with her that’s a fun read and which includes her reflections on what it meant, to her, to be a groupie.

“I’m still trying to set that word straight,” she says,

because all it means is just a music lover who wants to be near the band. Period. That’s all it means, in whatever capacity. Sexual? Sometimes yes, but also friends, helpers, assistants, guides… we wanted to uplift and enhance these people who moved us so much. That’s all that a groupie is. They are music-loving muses.

When her interviewer, Joe Daly, probes this a bit further, she goes on to say:

All men want to be revered and admired for what they do. Women do too, but men even moreso, OK? So with men, if you love and admire what they’re doing, if you understand what they’re doing and you comment on it, ask questions about it…if you’re beholden to them for what they create, then they want you around. They want to share it with you, they want you as part of their world, and that always made me feel good, because I could bring some joy into the lives of these people that brought me so much joy.


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3 Responses to yeah baby

  1. Will S. says:

    A secular sister of mercy, as altruistic as a nun serving in Calcutta.

    And here I thought she was just a slut, after alpha cock.


  2. Such a fun memoir. And sweet too, which seems to have taken a lot of people by surprise but which was the real secret behind the book’s success, I think.


  3. One of the legendary groupies, Emeretta Marks, showed up at one of my gigs several months ago. She sang the background stuff on “Gimme Shelter.” She ain’t so cute any more.

    Like a lot of people in the music biz, she hung on long past the date when the biz had anything to offer her, hoping that the Big Time hit would happen again.


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