Linkage (Food and Drink Edition)

Eddie Pensier writes:

  • Meathead of AmazingRibs not only knows his meats, he knows his pizza. Check out his taxonomy of American ‘za styles.
  • Why foie gras production is not cruel to ducks.
  • The indispensable Jeffrey Steingarten asks: Is true happiness possible without gluten?
  • The dumbest article on alleged sexism in the restaurant world (and criticism thereof) you’re likely to read all week.
  • Behind the scenes at the Metropolitan Opera’s Grand Tier Restaurant.
  • Deep-fried peanut butter. I am repulsed yet strangely aroused.
  • James Morrow slaps down the McDonalds haters, pointing out their astonishing hypocrisy in the process:

A few years ago the Australian Medical Association suggested that obesity cost the healthcare system $1.2 billion a year. But that wasn’t headline-making enough, so they instead declared that “Factoring in lost productivity, obesity cost Australian society and governments $21 billion”.
Oddly, no one ever counts up the “billions” in lost productivity from inner-city workers ducking out for a coffee once or twice a day. Add it up and your typical office worker might spend a week each year on the boss’s time enjoying a product that can cause everything from increased blood pressure to anxiety to anaemia.
Don’t hold your breath waiting for a scare story about how the Big Barista industry is wreaking havoc with health and productivity.

About Eddie Pensier

Television junkie, opera buff, connoisseur of unhealthy foods, fashion watcher, art lover and admirer of beautiful people of all sexes.
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5 Responses to Linkage (Food and Drink Edition)

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  2. ironrailsironweights says:

    My stepdaughter made limoncello a couple of years ago, and it was pretty good. It’s best to use straight grain alcohol as the base. If that’s not available, it’s not legal for sale in some states, an “overproof” vodka such as Devil Springs will do.



    • Thanks for the advice, Peter. I have located what’s politely referred to as “rectified grain spirit”, which appears to be as close to pure ethanol as can be legally bought (95% ABV). It isn’t cheap but it’s probably better than using vodka.

      Look for further updates under the post title “There’s Always Room For ‘Cello”. 🙂


  3. In re. the piece about sexism in food coverage:

    The author does not understand how something can be both outrageous and obvious at the same time? Talk about being blinded by your own Cathedral-training!


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