Naked Lady of the Week: Anna Song

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Anna Song, aka Tanya Song, was a Russian model who seems to have had a short-lived modeling career. She did the rounds at the usual big boob sites like Score and DDFBusty, but otherwise there isn’t much information about her out there. Even the usually reliable Boobpedia doesn’t have an entry for her. The watermark on the header image indicates that she used to have a personal site associated with the formidable German axis of Bettie BallhausNadine JansenMilena Velba, but her old domain now forwards to Jansen’s.  Before she retreated back into the primeval forest, she did do some softcore and masturbation vids which you can find at the usual places. I love her combo of slight Eastern European exoticism and girl-next-door overripeness.

The images below the jump are NSFW. Have a good weekend.


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