Movie Still Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

chantal-goyaChantal Goya and Jean-Pierre Léaud in Jean-Luc Godard’s MASCULIN FÉMININ (1966)

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  • Check out the trailer here.
  • Read Pauline Kael’s review of the movie here.

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7 Responses to Movie Still Du Jour

  1. Fenster says:



  2. Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

    I love that scene at the mirror where he’s interviewing her. One of my favorite Godards.


    • I loved all the interview scenes in the movie, but yeah, that was probably my favorite one.


      • Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

        Godard also did a lot of interview stuff in “La Chinoise,” which I also love.

        My crackpot theory is that he got the idea for the interview format from that amazing scene in “The 400 Blows” in which Leaud is interviewed by the reform school lady. But it surely also comes out of verite….


  3. Toddy Cat says:

    As Captain Grimes said in a somewhat different context “Those were the days, old boy. We’ll not look upon their like again…”


  4. agnostic says:

    One good turn deserves another.

    “Flipper”, Chantal Goya (1966)


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