Semi-Naked Ladies of the Week: The Girls of American Apparel

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


To quote Paleo Retiree, are American Apparel ads one of the great cultural achievements of our time? Yes or no (and the correct answer is yes), you’ve got to tip your ironically-purchased trucker hat to any campaign that makes clothed (or, ok, semi-clothed) women look more lascivious than fully naked ones. Terry Richardson-esque perviness in full effect. Besides, any fashion campaign that injects some playful naughtiness while upsetting the bluestockings is alright by us.

Who’s the ideal AA model? A few key characteristics would include:

  • From the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn
  • Looks great in a body suit and/or tights, i.e. full ass and long legs
  • Preferably a non-professional
  • Full bush
  • Ability to contort oneself
  • Projects an awkward-yet-direct sexual attitude
  • Doesn’t hurt to look underage

But perhaps the main quality she must have is an ability to attract the attention of CEO Dov Charney, who shoots many of the company’s ads himself. Some people have it all figured out, eh? Given that AA’s ads blur the line between fashion and porn, perhaps it’s not surprising that Sasha Grey has posed for the company and Faye Reagan did some ads for them before making the leap into hardcore.

The content below the jump is NSFW. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

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13 Responses to Semi-Naked Ladies of the Week: The Girls of American Apparel

  1. Tex says:

    Lauren Phoenix doing a sock ad. Magnificent.


  2. Best photo collection ever.


  3. Callowman says:

    These are great. Is having a full bush a hipster retro thing?


  4. Much to admire here


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