Naked Lady of the Week: Kira the Little Redhead

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


We’re reaching back into vault of remembrance of faps past today for this week’s selection. Kira the Little Redhead wasn’t just a diminutive, freckle-faced ginger with big boobs and an endless appetite putting on, and then taking off, different outfits — she was an Internet pioneer. Her site, active from 1998 to 2002, was one of the first amateur subscription sites. At least it was one of the first amateur subscription sites that I was aware of. How much did I pay? $10, $20 a month? Sure, the flat lighting and bland backdrop (95% of her photosets look like they were shot in her apartment) don’t compare to the slick professional quality you get today, but Kira and her luscious body were just so eager to please. And now that I take another look, the aesthetics of these photos (a style not limited to her of course) prefigure the later American Apparel ads, don’t they?

There are pictures and some softcore videos floating around the tube sites, or you can download a rip of Kira’s old site on the torrents. Enjoy your weekend.


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