The Flow Chart “They” Don’t Want You To See

Eddie Pensier writes from a secure undisclosed location:

You had a feeling, didn’t you? That all the creepy things in the world were connected in some inexplicable yet sinister way by forces beyond your control? A Texe Marrs version of Blair’s Law, turning you into one of the docile sheeple beholden to powerful interests?

Wonder no more. Let the truth* be spread far and wide!

Via the indispensible Mason I. Bildeberg (MIB) at Illuminutti.

*and by “truth”, I  mean hilarious parody thereof, as if you couldn’t tell.**
**Of course, that’s what I want you to believe….

About Eddie Pensier

Television junkie, opera buff, connoisseur of unhealthy foods, fashion watcher, art lover and admirer of beautiful people of all sexes.
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10 Responses to The Flow Chart “They” Don’t Want You To See

  1. Tarnished says:

    But it’s all true! 😀 Just take a listen here:


  2. Toddy Cat says:

    The scariest thing is, some of this shit probably actually is connected, we just don’t know what and how. And actually, most of the really serious conspiricies are out in the open, just like Communism and Nazism were.


  3. Will S. says:

    But who silenced Tila Tequila, and gave her an aneurysm?

    I mean, she used to be batshit crazy Nazi Vietnamese sexpot girlie; now her conspiracy theory website is all gone, except for a ‘find your bliss’ NewAgey vid…

    They got to her! 😉


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