Naked Lady of the Week: TheDiggityDank

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Although reddit may be a hotbed of PC nerdlingers, it’s also one of the web’s premiere sites for amateur porn. While there are forums (aka “subreddits”) to cater to every sexual taste and variation, /r/gonewild is probably the most popular and the user known as thediggitydank is one of its stars.

From BELLE DU JOUR to the recent CONCUSSION, the convention of the bored housewife who rejects conformity and grooves on her sexual libido has proven a potent archetype. Who hasn’t walked through the Target aisles and wondered about the fantasy life of the brunette MILF who just walked by in yoga pants? (I’m not the only one, right?) TheDiggityDank exploits this erotic milieu to great effect. The backdrop for most of her shoots is a drab suburban bedroom which contrasts with her sprightly and spirited personality. Her continued practice of obscuring her face, even though she’s practically revealed it, adds a frisson of naughtiness. No doubt the local PTA would be scandalized if they knew what one of its members was up to.

The gallery below the jump is NSFW, duh. Happy Friday.


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9 Responses to Naked Lady of the Week: TheDiggityDank

  1. Excellent choice. She’s a beauty as well as a real performer. Hot as she is (and good as she is at dressing, posing and shooting herself), the commenting and responding she does might be even more outstanding. What a polished and inspired flirt and tease she is.


  2. I’ve sent her a few messages via Reddit proposing a q&a … but she’s never gotten back to me. *Sob*


  3. Callowman says:

    She is what an ancient Chinese scholar I used to know called a “talented beauty”. Bonus points for firmness and lack of tats.


  4. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    To paraphrase an old Dylan song, I’m not liking her for what she is but for what she is *not.* Her lack of tattoos, body modification, botoxed duck lips, and spray tan are appealing in and of themselves. Women’s bodies have become a freakshow, especially for the exhibitionist crowd, so it’s nice to see someone the way nature intended.


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