Naked Lady of the Week, Special Edition: Redhotsillyfecker Revisited and Interviewed

Paleo Retiree writes:


Back here we celebrated the Irish Reddit star who calls herself Redhotsillyfecker, and today we’re back to underline and reiterate our enthusiasm. Not only is she a fave of ours for her good looks and her daring, we love her for her responsiveness, her sense of fun, and her delight in her audience.

But first, a few words in appreciation of those good looks. Redhotsillfecker strikes me as being about as close to a living embodiment of a cheescake painting as can be imagined. Everything about her seems to be the result of someone’s exaggerated — and decidedly pre-feminist — erotic dreamworld. She has a blowjob-inspiring mouth that’s out of adult comic books; an endearing knack with shy/bold lip-biting; a burlesque queen’s theater-filling curves; creamy-pink skin as appealing to the appetites as a decadent dessert; a softly glowing cascade of ginger-blonde hair out of a Breck shampoo ad; cleavage that might have been lovingly drawn by Dan DeCarlo; and the kind of assertive, bulls’-eye nipples that transfix teenage boys.

As for her spirit: As the months have passed, Redhotsillyfecker has grown more and more comfortable and outrageous as an online performer. Her sweetness and friendliness can’t be denied — in her photos and galleries there’s none of the punching-a-timeclock quality that the work of even the best pro erotic performers often has. And her just-about-to-burst-into-laughter awareness of her own cartoony lushness conveys a, to me, irresistible “Well, what naughty thing shall we do now?” erotic giddiness.

Because Uncouth Reflections is your best news source, we made the effort to get in touch with Redhotsillyfecker … and we were delighted to meet a young woman not just open to doing a little interview but who’s also a very sweet and fizzy email correspondent. Here’s how she responded to my initial proposal, for example: “I’d absolutely do a q&a for you! That’s a nice piece you wrote about me, and it’s an honour to be mentioned beside thediggitydank! Thank you!” We learned that Redhotsillyfecker is 25; that she grew up in Belfast; that she works as a Search Engine Optimizer; that she lives with a boyfriend; and that they share ownership of a German Shepherd puppy.

Below the jump: Our exclusive q&a with Redhotsillyfecker as well as loads of yummy NSFW visuals. Enjoy your weekend.


PR: How long ago did you start looking at Reddit?

Rhsf: It wasn’t too long ago really, maybe like 2 years ago? I was in it for the funnies and the scary stories. I got addicted to /r/nosleep for a while — I’d always end up reading it at night like a fool! Hmm, I guess it was on /r/askreddit that I would comment most, it’s always fun to answer questions! I guess I didn’t participate much until I started posting, usually only if there was an awesome celebrity AMA or a great Askreddit question.

PR: Before Reddit, had you done any modeling?

Rhsf: I got into modelling when I was about 16 — my ex-boyfriend’s mum was starting up a makeover/photography studio and of course I jumped at the chance to volunteer myself as a guinea pig! It was so exciting and made me feel so glamorous, plus I got to do PR for the studio too, which meant I got to go into clubs under-age! After a while they moved back to America. I went with them for a week or so for the Glamourcon convention, which was AMAZING, and when I got home I booked a few gigs on my own. After a while though I kinda lost interest in the whole modelling thing and got a nice wholesome job 😛

PR: Do you keep multiple Reddit accounts?

Rhsf: I do indeed, but they’re closely guarded secrets 😉

PR: When did you start posting nude shots?

Rhsf: I started doing nudie stuff in March of 2014.

PR: How’d you get started?

Rhsf: Honestly it started by posting on /r/naturaltitties because I saw Snoop Dogg went on there and I wanted him to see my tits haha! I got a lot of good feedback though and the exhibitionist in me craved more, so I started posting more, getting a bit more risqué each time, and absolutely loving it.

PR: Where did it go from there?

Rhsf: It was after the Snoop AMA that I really started exploring all the various naughty subreddits there are. I was aware of Gonewild but I NEVER thought I’d post there haha! The first was /r/naturaltitties, then I branched out into other boob-related subs because I think my boobs are my best asset. I was comfortable showing them but I wasn’t quite there yet in regards to the rest of my body. I was very intrigued by them, though, and after getting positive feedback on the titty subs I decided to reveal a little more, and then more and more! It’s such a rush knowing so many people are enjoying your body.

PR: So you showed the boobs, and then the rest of your body. At what point did you decide you were OK with showing your face?

Rhsf: Honestly I can’t really remember what made me decide to do it. I guess I just thought that no one would ever recognise me, which was definitely an under-site on my part! I figured people would be more likely to connect with my pictures if they knew what I actually looked like, and everyone has been pretty positive so far thankfully!

PR: Do your friends check in with Reddit? Do they know your postings there?

Rhsf: Yeah, most of my friends use Reddit daily, so pretty much everyone I hang out with knows my dirty little secret, but they’re all really cool about it thankfully! I have made a few friends through it, which was an unexpected bonus!

PR: How old were you when your body matured?

Rhsf: I was probably around 16 or 17 when I fully developed. I was a bit of a late bloomer!

PR: What was it like to wake up one day with the body of a sex star?

Rhsf: It was pretty empowering to be honest, especially since I used to get teased for being flat-chested! In your face, bitch!

PR: I get the feeling from your postings that you have a bit of the performer in you.

Rhsf: I’ve done a bit of acting in the past. My mum is a theatre actress so there was no way I was escaping that one! I really liked it though — obviously I enjoy showing off! I still do a bit of acting now but it’s for film and TV as an extra. I’ve seen the back of my head in a few movies now!

PR: How do you actually stage and take your Reddit photos?

Rhsf: I take all my photos with my phone, which isn’t ideal, but it’s the best camera I have to hand at the moment and I’m far too poor to buy anything better! I think they usually turn out alright though, people seem to enjoy them 😉 Most of the time I’ll do my photos in the spare bedroom of my house. It’s nice and private and I don’t bother my boyfriend with my sexy nonsense!

PR: Often your postings have a theme of sorts. Is that something you try especially to do?

Rhsf: It depends. If I have a new costume or something I’ll try and take a few poses based on the role I’m playing. But a lot of the time I just try and take photos that I think people are going to like. Hopefully they come across ok!

PR: What kind of posting discipline do you impose on yourself?

Rhsf: I really try and post at least once a week but it can be tricky with work and sometimes I’m not in the mood for it. I only really want to take photos when I feel sexy because I don’t want it to come across as though I’m not enjoying it or something. I love taking photos for others to enjoy so I want everything to be perfect in them!

PR: What kinds of ambitions do you have where your modeling goes?

Rhsf: Honestly I never really had any big ambitions for it, then or now. I’m just really happy making amateur content for people to (hopefully) enjoy!


Many thanks to Redhotsillyfecker for yakking with us. A few links — all NSFW — for fans to explore:

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  1. JV says:

    “She has a blowjob-inspiring mouth…”

    Yikes. Well, that’s certainly an uncouth description, I guess.


  2. I’d been hoping to use the term “artisanally crafted” somewhere in this posting, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How about ‘artisanally crafted curves?’ outside of her desire to simply be fun. Kudos.


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  6. Glenhatesliers says:

    Its amazing how many girls see nothing wrong with being a shameless hooker, just because they have no greal talent and they want new stuff


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