Tango Du Jour

Eddie Pensier writes:


Rumor has it that Libertad Lamarque (1908-2000) left her native Argentina to work in Mexico, after an on-set dispute with fellow actress Eva Duarte grew into a feud. After Duarte married  autocrat-to-be Juan Perón, the feud became an (unofficial) blacklisting, and her recordings and films became scarce in Argentina: indeed, she never worked there while the Peróns were in power.

She denied it (and so did Perón’s biographers) but in the long run it didn’t matter, because Evita died and Lamarque was eventually acknowledged as one of the great Latin singers of the twentieth century, and certainly one of the best tango singers ever. Her acting was average at best….she didn’t seem to be able to conjure up the true emotion that came to her so easily in song. She was charming to look at, no great beauty but with a vivacity that made you pay attention.

YouTube offers lots of Lamarque, including entire films of hers (mostly good for amusement and musical, rather than dramatic, value). As a taster, here she is singing “A Media Luz”. Enjoy.

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