Naked Lady of the Week: Katalin

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


I have no idea what this girl’s name is. At Femjoy she’s Katalin, so we’ll go with that. As far as I can tell she hails from Ukraine, though in some of her photos she has a Mediterranean quality. (Where does it come from? Perhaps from the bravura, sculpted-by-Donatello hair?) I imagine her out in the fields happily stomping on this season’s grape harvest. She’s not the most beautiful girl, to be sure, but what a beguiling set of lines she has, and what a charmingly earthy aura. (Credit her photographers too, of course.) I particularly like the earlier sets, in which she has a little baby fat clinging to her. A couple of these photos caused me to flash on Renoir’s generously upholstered nymphettes.

Looks like she’s no longer active. Which brings me to another point: Most of her photos seem to derive from the late 2000s, which now seem to represent the high point of “the new nude,” a movement in cheesecake photography that emphasized nature, unaffectedness, youth, sophistication, and natural lighting. Some of the sites that pioneered this style are still around, but they tend not to emphasize these values to the same degree. An unfortunate development? I think so.

These shots come from Amour Angels, Femjoy, Pretty Nudes (defunct?), DOMAI, and Girls In Nature (defunct?). Hey, DOMAI seems to be one of the few sites hewing to the old natural-is-better ethos. Kudos to them.

Nakedness below the drop. Happy Friday.


  • A good source of info as well as fan comments. I like what this guy has to say: “Possibly the craziest hair in glamour photography, it highlight’s this model’s uniqueness and pure “ripeness.” Her figure is quite frankly astonishing and considering the often unforgiving nature of Femjoy’s “natural” photography (christ, a little tone and saturation balancing wouldn’t go amiss guys!!), it’s a miracle that anyone can look this good in a photo. What else? Her facial proportions are utterly sensual, and her eyes and expressions mesmeric – suffice to say it’s hard to control one’s urges when in her gaze!
  • More fans and links.
  • I wrote a bit about “the new nude” back here.

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4 Responses to Naked Lady of the Week: Katalin

  1. Fun-looking creature, almost like something out of a ’70s movie, with that decade’s openness to quirkiness, distinctiveness, oddball-ness … It’s an annoying and hard-to-explain development (at least to me, a ’70s person) the way the general “what’s sexy?” discussion has narrowed so much since then. Today’s sexygirls (and sexy images) are often awesome, but I often find myself missing the old imperfect teeth, the slightly-off proportions, the quirky expressions and features, the “charm” and personality …


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  4. Simon mcdonald says:

    … No idea what general nammage or name I mean… Goes with THAT body yet would potentially enjoy getting ‘Accidentally’ get lost with her In an half decent Italian garden


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