Naked Lady of the Week: Mia Khalifa

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Like all right-thinking people, we here at UR are big believers in Diversity™. Models featured in past installments have hailed from all over the world including Russia, eastern Ukraine, western Ukraine, northern Ukraine, and southern Ukraine. Therefore, it is with immense pride that we bestow this week’s honor on our first Arab model, Mia Khalifa. (At least I think she’s our first Arab, I’m not about to check the archives. And even though she was raised Catholic, being born in Lebanon is enough to make you Arab, right?)

Ms. Khalifa vaulted to the top of the porn world this year when she traded on her Middle Eastern looks by starring in a hardcore video wearing a hijab. Apparently, some folk out there don’t take too kindly to a young lass performing various amorous arts while clothed in a traditional Muslim headdress meant to preserve one’s modesty. The prudes. Speaking of dogmatism, I’m usually not a fan of enhanced tits, but I’ve been sufficiently indoctrinated in Diversity™ to know that exceptions must be made to every rule. Khalifa seems to have taken to wearing glasses to soften those fierce eyebrows, but I say own ’em, girl.

Nudity below the jump and lots of hardcore action at the tube sites. Happy Friday.


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