On The Menu: Lobster Tail with a Side of Delightful Writing

Glynn Marshes writes:

Albert Burneko. Deadspin. How To Cook Lobster Tails: A Guide For People Who Don’t Have Butlers To Do All The Work.

A taste:

The truth about lobster is this: It is less flavorful, less sweet, more bland and chickenlike than virtually any of the other edible crustaceans. It is also a lot more expensive than most of them, and if you’re cooking it at home, it is furthermore easier to fuck up. The primary selling point of the lobster—and one hell of a selling point it must be, since it sells so many lobsters at such high prices—is that its meat comes in larger, more easily extracted hunks than can be found in, for example, Chesapeake blue crabs, which, factually, are the most delicious things the world has produced or will ever produce, but which are approximately as onerous to consume as a large box full of live ferrets.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, even if your weekend plans will rise no further than burgers and beer 🙂

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