Thursday Pop Selection: Talk Talk, I Believe in You

Sir Barken Hyena writes:

Wow, I’ve been so flooded with applicants for the New Lady Barken that I’ve barely had a moment to myself! Looks like we blew almost all the way through the week without a music feature, so by way of apology I offer this, possibly the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Talk Talk started out as a new wave band with some big hits in England that got them the chance to disappear into the studio to make their next big hit. Except they instead totally reinvented themselves. Reportedly their A&R man cried on hearing the new master tape.

Then again, it’s a song that can make you cry. Let’s listen:

About Sir Barken Hyena

IT professional and veteran of start ups. Life long musician and songwriter. Voracious reader of dead white guys. Lover of food and women.
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