Picture of the Day – July 28, 2014

Architecture Du Jour, Part Deux

Natalia Maks

The Haga in Gothenburg, Sweden. The entire district was built out of wood for the fast growing working class in 19th century. Now it is a charming neighborhood with a bunch of cafes, bakeries and restaurant and  residential houses.


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7 Responses to Picture of the Day – July 28, 2014

  1. Fenster says:

    Lovely, but does not leave a lot of room for a front porch culture. Perhaps they have barbecues on the decks out back.

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  2. Will S. says:

    I always have loved Europe’s cities’ brightly painted buildings, even muted ones like this; so cheerful and full of life, compared to many big cities in North America, esp. ones previously dominated by Methodist sensibilities like Toronto was. I swear there’s a correlation between the colourfulness of a city’s downtown buildings, and the level of cheerfulness and sunny optimism of its citizens; find a city with a citizenry known for tendencies for being scowling, surly, moralistic prigs, and I’d bet you dollars to donuts the architecture is darker and more drab (even if beautiful enough in design).

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  4. j3morecharacters says:

    Coming from a primitive planet, I’m hit by the obsessive cleanness and lack of street life (trees, cats). Doll houses.


  5. Callowman says:

    Haga is really nice now. It was kind of cool back in the 80s when it was shitty and rundown, too.


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