Naked Lady of the Week: Sofi A

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


When the shit goes down, the world economy collapses, and we all have to choose which nomadic desert band to join, it’s a safe bet that at least a few of us here at UR will be high-tailing it for the Ukraine. Like Fabrizio’s choice last week, this week’s cutie hails from the Putin-contested land of chicken Kiev. (Please accept my apologies for that sentence, but I’m a dumb American and I’ve just exhausted everything I know about the country without resorting to Wikipedia.)

A leggy, free-spirited, dark-haired beauty with eyes bluer than the Sea of Azov at sunrise (thanks, Wikipedia), like Chloe A there is precious little information online about this other Ms. A. (Hold on, gimme a sec, I’m making a note to look up all the As in the phonebook when I move to Europe’s third-largest grain exporter.) But unlike Chloe, Sofi continues to be active in the nude modeling world, which is surprising given that she could no doubt find gainful employment in Ukraine’s booming metallurgical refining industry. Ahhh, well, their loss is our gain.

The pictures below are lo-res versions from Met-Art and Femjoy. Unless your boss lets you fap at work, I wouldn’t click on the jump. Happy Friday.


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6 Responses to Naked Lady of the Week: Sofi A

  1. Didn’t know a thing about her but she’s now an instant favorite. Those legs! Plus she has a hard to resist –sweet and expressive, twinkly yet worldly — face. Has she done hard-core work?

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  2. T.G. says:

    This girl is gorgeous!!!!!!


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  4. SJ Bang says:

    Sofi A is beyond beautiful!


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