Naked Lady of the Week: Ekaterina Monastirskaya

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


A Russian with an aquiline nose, a bee-stung lower lip, and beguiling indigo eyes, Ekaterina has an intriguingly Eastern quality: Her face wouldn’t be out of place on a Byzantine mosaic. She’s known as Paula B. on MetArt, as Katelin on Femjoy, and as Sasha or Kira at other venues, but I’m going with Ekaterina Monastirskaya because, well, it’s too ornate not to.

According to her probably too-bland-to-be-made-up published bio:

I am an independent girl. I am very good at sports.
I was a professional gymnast a while back. It helps to keep your body flexible. Right now I study at the university. I like pets. I have a thoroughbred cat which is 3 years old.

They all claim to be independent . . .

I enjoyed this ode, posted at TheNudeEU by an ardent admirer:

If Sasha’s bright enough to “study at the university”, I’d even share the same apartment with her, something I promised never to do again, just to see and touch her as much as possible.

What’s her course of studies? I wanna do the same!

This woman is SO beautiful, she makes me forget ev’ry other ideal like heavy breasts, large eyes or a round backside. This face of a movie star. I bet in times of Sofia Loren or Ingrid Bergmann she’d been…

Physique and flexibility of a gymnast, one really, really fine body part, I’m not allowed to mention here, and finally this light body hair.

A Lady like this might convert even Mr. Hefner to monogamy.

I want to make my career and pamper this woman 10, 15 years , as long as she’d allow me too. (btw: What’s her age?)

I’m a weakling!

Dude has sworn off living with women, but he’s ready to make an exception for Ekaterina. Hope he’s all right with thoroughbred cats . . .

I don’t think Ekaterina is still posing. A pity. One thing I noticed while looking at her photos: they’re all from what I would consider the golden age of European internet art-porn, before all the photographers became obsessed with super-smooth surfaces and digital tweaking. Lots of natural-seeming textures and lighting effects in evidence in the below gallery

I believe these shrunk-down photos come from MetArt, Femjoy, Just Nude, and MPL Studios. Better quality and much more at those sites.

Nudity below the jump. Have a great weekend.

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