Naked Lady of the Week: Emma Mae

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


What’s your take on tattoos on girls? A turn-on? A turn-off? I have trouble with them myself. Not that they’re a deal-breaker, mind you. But where evaluations of attractiveness go, a tattoo isn’t a feature that my reptilian hindbrain tends to sort into the plus column. I wonder what women think when they’re getting them. Probably, the act of getting inked is more a display of attitude than anything else. And aren’t modern girls all about attitude? Their attractiveness aside, that’s what they seem to be selling.

On the other hand, maybe some girls aren’t thinking at all when they get tattooed.

I had this girlfriend who had a tramp stamp. From what I could gather — I didn’t give a shit either way, so she must have taken it upon herself to tell me about it — she got it while in college during an epic bout of “you go girl” drunkenness. Mostly she seemed to like the idea that her father hated it: he’d caught a glimpse of it while she was getting out of the passenger seat of his car one day, which gave him an opportunity to express his displeasure regarding her life choices. Which in turn gave her an opportunity to act out the endless cycle of rebellion and repentance that, like mimosa-flavored jet fuel, kept her going in life.

Anyway, lots of girls have tramp stamps, so no big whoop as far as that goes. But I was semi-bothered by the fact that I could never figure out what the damn thing was supposed to represent. When doing her from behind I’d look down and wonder, What the hell is that? Dolphins swimming around a sunset? Some acid-fried hairstylist’s idea of a dreamcatcher? Mermaids trading Tupperware during a sit-in at a flower shop? The flowery new-ageyness of the thing bypassed the more rational components of my sense perceptions, causing it to be filed in the mental drawer labelled “fruity nonsensical girl shit,” where everything looks more or less the same, like Asians. (Just kidding!)

None of this has much to do with Emma Mae or her tattoos, which seem a lot more thoughtful than my ex-gf’s tramp stamp. Emma, as you can see, is a wee slip of a blond thing from North Carolina. (Well, you can’t see the North Carolina part — unless you have special glasses.) I suspect the tattoos set her apart from her competition. She does hardcore. Or did? The internet seems to suspect she’s retired.

Nudity below. Have a good weekend.


  • This piece, from “Inked,” gets into her tattoos. It also reveals she’s gone brunette and seems to confirm a boob job.
  • Twitter.



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