Naked Lady of the Week: Stephi, of Microminimus and Flickr — Plus Bonus Interview With Her

Paleo Retiree writes:


Stephi — who shares her pix on Microminimus and Flickr — and her photographer husband create images that often remind me of the great pinup paintings of the ’40s and ’50s, paintings by artists like Vargas and Elvgren. (What a refreshing alternative they are to the campy, knowing, often ironic work of so many of today’s pinup-art creators … not that there’s anything wrong with a little irony now and then, god knows.) On Microminimus — a gallery and forum sponsored by and promoting the products of Wicked Weasel, an Australian bikinis-and-undies line — Stephi’s a big audience favorite, routinely winning thousands of upvotes as well as enraptured cheers from her fans. She’s unfailingly appreciative of their attention and enjoyment. On Flickr she shares daring shots that can get even spicier if you send in some money for an informal membership in her private club.

With her all-American, apple-cheeked and slightly freckled wholesomeness, her physical ripeness (those thighs!), her well-tended, usually-chestnut mane, and her instant-on naughty-mindedness, Stephi is an unself-conscious sweetheart, as alive to the camera as the silent movie actress Clara Bow, and she shares her yumminess and vivacity in the friendliest imaginable way. She’s such a girl-next-door sweetiepie that her Microminimus fans often gasp in surprise when they learn how very, very frisky Stephi’s Flickr images can be — one recent album, for example, was aptly entitled “Epic Nipple Torture.” But then, like sensible people, they settle in and give over to the thrill.

Stephi and her husband enjoy dreaming up scenarios and settings that don’t just show off her physique but also her mirth, her heat and her silliness — her soul as well as her body. Her gift for dress-up and playacting remind me of such piquant performers as Jenna Elfman and Lisa Kudrow: carefree girls who are also sexy and inspired, girls it’s genuinely fun to imagine dating, fucking and marrying. Although she pitches herself into smolder-mode and glamor-mode awfully well, Stephi seems to me to be most herself in pix where she’s on the verge of bursting into giddy, “Oh my goodness, would you look at what you’ve caught me doing!” laughter.

A special treat for UR readers today is a q&a with the lady herself. Interview as well as loads of hot NSFW visuals after the jump.



Paleo Retiree: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “least shy” and 10 being “incredibly shy,” how shy are you?

Stephi: About a seven.

PR: On the same scale, how much of a showoff are you?

Stephi: A five or six. Although my husband and I did once stay at the Desires Pearl resort and I won the Sexiest Angel dance contest while pole dancing in a white lace teddy and white stripper shoes …  So maybe that number is actually a little higher. Hahaha.

PR: What’s your history with modeling and performing?

Stephi: This may come as a surprise to some folks, but I’ve never done any kind of modeling prior to my Wicked Weasel shots. I have a degree in electrical engineering and work for a major tech company. I was so busy with school and then getting my career going that modeling never once crossed my mind.

PR: You work as an engineer in tech? I definitely didn’t see that coming.

Stephi: I thought that might get your attention. I was a quiet kid. And I loved loved loved math. My minor in college was math. As far back as I can remember I was enjoying my math homework. I love it because there’s nothing ambiguous about the answers in math. Everything has a quantifiable answer. I like things neat and tidy so I guess that’s why it always appealed to me.

PR: How do people generally respond when they discover what your training and expertise are?

Stephi: At work it doesn’t phase anyone. When I meet people outside of work I usually get this “Ohhhhhhh. That’s neat.” And then they glaze over and change the conversation sort of response. People get intimidated by a smart pretty girl. It can be a real conversation killer.

PR: Is your husband in science/tech too?

Stephi: Yes. His background is chemistry. We’re in different organizations at work but collaborated on a couple of projects together. Our chemistry (pun intended) was instantaneous. We just “got” each other from the get-go.

PR: I’ve read an infinite number of articles in the last few years about how biased-against-women the science/tech fields are supposed to be. How has the field been for you?

Stephi: I’ve never felt doors were closed to me. I feel I have all the same opportunities everyone else does. I’ve gotten two promotions in my first six years on the job so I know I’m holding my own.

PR: How do you handle the challenges of being an attractive woman in a primarily male professional field?

Stephi: The thing that I feel I have to keep in mind is that I want my colleagues to hear what I’m saying, and not what I’m wearing or how I look. I still dress feminine, but at work I’m pretty conservative in my attire. The Loft is my go-to clothing store if that helps you picture it. I never show cleavage and my skirts/dresses always go to the knees. I still have some guys have entire conversations with my breasts though. Still, having Wicked Weasel and my Flickr page is a great outlet to let my hair down when I’m not at work.

PR: Back to the modeling. God knows you’ve got a nice relationship with the camera, and god knows you radiate a lot of personality. Where did both of these come from?

Stephi: I’m going to give a huge amount of the credit to my husband. While he was getting his science-related degree, he snuck off and took a whole bunch of still photography courses at the USC cinema school, so he knows his way around the camera. He knows what he wants out of every shot he takes and this has allowed me to trust him completely because I know he’ll always take the most flattering photo possible. The confidence just flows naturally from there. He’ll also direct me during a shoot, not just how to pose, but what to think about in order to get the expressions he wants.

PR: What are your hopes or plans for the modeling?

Stephi: I’ll continue to take photos with my husband for sure. I’m pretty attached to my day job as an engineer so I’m not sure how I’d make any more professional assignments work. I sent in an application to Playboy and was rejected. I was shooting for the stars of course, but how great would that have been?

PR: Are you happy with the outlets you use for your pix? Do you use other outlets too?

Stephi: Right now it’s just Microminimus and Flickr. I’d definitely answer the phone if Playboy called, but otherwise I’m happy with these. Flickr especially allows me to have complete control over what photos get shown and to whom.

PR: How did you get started with the racy photos?

Stephi: I had photos of me on vacations with friends and family, but never anything serious until my husband came along. When we were dating he’d take my portraits, and that got my attention right away. I saw myself like I’d never seen myself photographed before. These were the best photos of me I’d ever seen. Each one was like a little love letter from him to me. I saw myself just as he did. Let me tell you that became a little habit-forming. Before long clothing started coming off in the photo shoots and the seeds for boudoir and bikini modeling were sown.

PR: Some people cringe at the idea of posing for the camera semi-nude, while other people feel liberated when naked before the camera. Which group do you belong to?

Stephi: I love it now. It still takes me a few minutes during each shoot to warm up a bit and relax, but once I do, I’m just having so much fun I don’t want to stop.

PR: Where did you grow up?

Stephi: I grew up mostly in Southern California, but spent two years in South America (2nd and 3rd grade) because that’s where my mom is from and my parents thought it’d be good for me and my siblings to experience a different culture while we were still young. I speak fluent Spanish as a result.

PR:  What kind of a young girl were you — a girly girl? A tomboy? A nerd?

Stephi: I was girly and mostly shy. I didn’t (and still don’t) open up to people unless I’m pretty comfortable with them. Oddly enough, there’s this custom in South America to have little dance contests at kids birthday parties and such called sopa de caracol and el perrito which translate to “clam chowder” and “the doggy dance” respectively. Basically there’s a lot of booty shaking in both dances.  (My ass was always a little big, even then. I was ahead of my time in that regard.) I was always really shy about doing it as my turn was coming up, but as soon as it was my turn and the music was playing, I would shake my Lolita butt like crazy. I would nearly always come home from other kid’s parties with a big trophy. Still, in spite of this and I’m sure due to my over-riding shyness, I was pretty much invisible to boys. That suited me just fine since I was more interested in just running around and being a kid with the small group of close girl friends that I had.

PR: At what age did you start to mature? What was it like for you?

Stephi: As I transitioned into my tweens and teens, I really started to get into math and science and that set me on my engineering path pretty early on. I’m fortunate in that regard that I never really struggled in knowing what I wanted to do. My body got pretty curvy by the time I was about 15 and that’s when the boys started to take note. By then though, I was already pretty serious about my studies that I didn’t notice them too much.

PR: Were you a real physical kid? An athlete? A dancer?

Stephi: I liked to be active (still do) and was involved in soccer, and was then a cheerleader throughout high school. I guess there’s a theme here of being mostly shy but enjoying performance and being looked at, huh? My body hasn’t changed too much since high school except that I take exercise more seriously and have way more muscle tone than I did then. I can still fit into my high school cheerleading uniform.  😉

PR: What’s your early history with swimsuits and lingerie?

Stephi: I remember my mom getting me a two-piece bikini when I was about nine and thinking how awesome it was. I’d worn two-pieces before that, but there was something about this one I really liked. Since then I always wore two-piece bikinis. They always made me feel… well eventually “sexy,” but I didn’t know what that meant when I was nine, so let’s say special, or girly or feminine. And there was plenty of water on vacations: rivers, lakes, pools, and the ocean. So there were lots of opportunities for me to wear them.

PR: No inhibitions ever?

Stephi: I was never shy about wearing bathing suits at all. On a similar note, I remember asking my mom if I could get some thong panties when I was 15. VPL — visible panty line — had entered my vocabulary and I didn’t want it. Haha. We went and picked out a fairly plain pink cotton thong and I remember rushing home to try it on. I remember how sexy I thought it looked when I was looking at myself wearing it in the mirror. It was then that I started to think of myself more as a woman and less of a girl.

PR: What was your early romantic life like?

Stephi: I had boyfriends in high school, but I was such a good girl that nearly all of them would get frustrated and break up with me when they realized I wasn’t going to do much more than kiss them. I just wasn’t ready. For a long time I was convinced I wasn’t going to have sex with someone until I was sure I was going to marry them. I mostly stuck to those ideas and I’m really glad I did. I didn’t lose my virginity as a result until I was 20.

PR: Where have you lived as a grownup? Where do you live now?

Stephi: I went to college in Arizona, then moved back to California when I got a job there.

PR: Where do you like to travel and vacation?

Stephi: I’ve loved the water ever since I was a kid so no matter where my husband and I consider going on vacation, tropical locations usually seem to bubble to the top of the list. We both work really hard and our jobs are very schedule/deadline driven, so it’s great to unplug, undress, and relax in the sunshine.

PR: What are some of your non-work interests?

Stephi: I love reading, going to movies, and in general spending time with my husband.

PR: What can you tell me about how you keep your figure in shape?

Stephi: One great benefit to my husband and me of working at the same company is that we can both go to the company gym together pretty much every day. I love to run, bike, walk, hike, row, and lift weights. The fact that we get to do these activities as a couple helps us both stay motivated. That’s a good thing too, since this Latin ass of mine has a tendency to grow quickly if I get lazy.

PR: Any food-and-eating disciplines?

Stephi: There’s nothing special about my diet other than I keep track of my calorie intake and keep it balanced. My husband and I love to cook together. Lately we’ve become obsessed with sous vide cooking. It appeals to the scientists in us because of the precise control it gives the chef. At the risk of turning this into a food blog, let me just say if you’ve never had a filet mignon prepared sous vide style, you really haven’t lived. Check it out.

PR: A lot of women report that they don’t really connect with the pleasure of eroticism until later in life. Do you feel you’ve got the whole sex-and-love thing figured out pretty well for yourself by this point?

Stephi: Ah sex. I’d had sex before my husband came along. I’d had all the various kinds of sexual activities one could have before he and I got together. I have to say though, that my true sexual awakening took place when he came in to my life.

PR: I’ll need to hear a little more about that.

Stephi: My husband and I have such a deep level of trust with each other that I was able for the first time to really just let go and completely immerse myself in the experience. It doesn’t hurt either that he is an amazing lover. He’s more experienced, being about 15 years older than me, but he’s patient and loving in a way I never knew a man could be. Being with him let me have the confidence to explore my desires and my own body such that I really figured out what makes me tick sexually.

PR: With happy results, I hope.

Stephi: For example, I was able to discover that I’m not only multi-orgasmic, but really REALLY multi-orgasmic. It isn’t at all unusual for me to have upwards of 16 orgasms in the course of a day. I’m a quivering, sweaty, incomprehensible mess by the end of it, but it’s just amazing. In contrast, prior to my husband coming along, a three-orgasm month would be considered a good one.

PR: That’s an impressive contrast. What’s an example of something your husband does that helps you be yourself?

Stephi: I can tell my husband my innermost fantasies and trust him not to push me into making them a reality because he wants to see something happen. I think that’s where a lot of guys trip up. A girl says she has had bisexual fantasies and he shows up the next week with another girl and a six-pack of beer. Wrong move, boys! Having a lover who understands the difference between a fantasy that turns me on and what I actually want in real life is huge. Knowing I can share these things without having to fear the ramifications means I can open up and just relax. Our photo-taking is a huge part of that. I can just go for it during our photo shoots and let my sexual confidence shine.

PR: If your sex-master husband wants to share a secret or two with our readership, I’m sure few of us would object.

Stephi: HAHAHA. He says that a) porn-style sex isn’t pleasing to anyone, and b) all a guy has to do is listen VERY carefully to every sound she’s making while he goes down on his lady. Once a guy figures that out, the rest will work out fine.

PR: How’d you discover Wicked Weasel bikinis and undies?

Stephi: So I mentioned that I’ve liked wearing two-piece bikinis since I was a little girl. This evolved into me having a strong desire to go topless at the beach. Since that is pretty much no bueno in the USA, I told my husband (simply boyfriend at the time) that I wanted to try that when we went on our first Mexico trip back in 2011. I was a little nervous he’d say no, but he was very encouraging and asked me other questions about what I’d always wanted to do in addition to that. I confessed I’d always wanted to wear a thong bikini as well. With a giant grin on his face he said, “Let’s go shopping!” It didn’t take too long doing internet searches looking for thong/g-string swimwear before we landed on Wicked Weasel’s shores. Their products are skimpy, sheer, daring, etc. but have a certain classiness to them that kept us coming back to their website.

PR:  What pieces did you order first?

Stephi: I chose one fairly conservative opaque black set (the bottoms were more of a Brazilian cut), and one very daring sheer yellow set. Those went into the suitcase, and off we went.

PR: Where in Mexico were you staying? Did your husband bring his camera along?

Stephi: He did. We were in Cancún, where the best light is in the mornings, so we’d get up early and go to the mostly-deserted beach for photo-taking.

PR: What were your initial feelings?

Stephi: There weren’t too many people around but I was still a little self-conscious about it when we started. As usual though, as soon as the camera was clicking away I got into it completely. It was too much fun. There are some shots of my bum with the waves splashing against it that are still my favorites to this day.

PR: Did you start with the more conservative set or the racier one?

Stephi: I wore the black one first. It wasn’t see-through so I was able to build my confidence in it, then go topless for the first time. It felt amazing to be wearing so little, and to feel the sunlight on my breasts when I took my top off. Confidence built, I put on my yellow one the next day. It’s fairly see-through when dry, but once I was in the water, I might as well have been naked!

PR: Did that come as a surprise?

Stephi: I knew what I was getting into. The photos on the WW website as well as the product descriptions make that abundantly clear. Still, it was a little unnerving at first being so exposed. But no mob or police came to chase me off the beach, and it was just… normal. I got looked at for sure, but no one freaked out. (My man also had a huge grin on his face for the whole trip.) Then I just settled in and enjoyed being nearly-naked on the beach. I felt so sexy! I was wearing the ultimate bikini and I wished I’d been wearing them all my life. Wicked Weasel items are really wonderful, and I recommend them to all the ladies out there.

PR: What kind of camera was your husband shooting?

Stephi: The crazy thing is that all the beach photos we’ve taken have been taken with a point-and-shoot camera. I don’t know how it’s even possible to get some of the images my husband has captured with a point-and-shoot, but there you have it.

PR: I’m impressed. What was it like for you when you saw the photos up on a computer screen?

Stephi: We were both really pleased. Seeing my photos on the computer screen always seems to surprise me in the “Wow, is that really ME?” kind of way.

PR: How did the two of you decide to start sharing your pix online?

Stephi: We saw that WW had a bikini contest and were both really intrigued by the idea. We talked for a long time about posting some of the shots we took on that first Mexico trip to the Microminimus site. I decided to go for it primarily because my man was so excited about the photos and wanted to show me off. It turned me on that it turned him on so much, so I said go for it. The crazy thing was, maybe a week or two after we posted that first set, I won the Wicked Weasel Bikini Contest. The prize was a $200 voucher to their bikini store. It was the same as winning big the first time you go to Las Vegas! Haha. It brushed away any misgivings I had — and then of course more bikinis were ordered and the cycle was destined to repeat itself.

PR: The crowd that visits and hangs out at Microminimus is awfully friendly. Has your social circle grown larger thanks to the modeling?

Stephi: There are a lot of really friendly people in the MM community, and I should do a much better job than I do of staying in touch. But I’m just one of those people who take months to return my best friends’ phone calls, and longer than that to reply to e-mails. All that said, there are several folks that I feel like I’ve gotten to know. There’s a really nice cattle rancher from Texas, for example, and a gentleman from France that really likes my Wonder Woman portrayal.

PR: Do people at Microminimus ever contact you for advice?

Stephi: Some members have asked me how to convince their wives or girlfriends to wear WW bikinis. They’ve written me extremely thoughtful replies when my advice helped them get their ladies to take the plunge.

PR: Why did you start posting to Flickr?

Stephi: Posting to Flickr had everything to do with the numerous requests I got through MM to show more. My husband and I had already been generating a lot of boudoir photos for the fun of it, so the content existed, so we figured, why not? WW/MM is great and all, but what one is allowed to post is fairly limiting, being that it’s essentially a community of product shots that get approved by folks in Australia before they get posted. After all, I have a pretty great lingerie collection. It’d be a shame not to show it off.

PR: That’s the entrepreneurial spirit.

Stephi: So we set up the Flickr page to post all this other content to satiate my fan base between beach visits. We held back on the photos that exposed too much though — but that only seemed to make the demand for such photos grow and grow. People would tip pretty large amounts on MM, and we would grant them special access on Flickr as a thank-you. I never advertised it or asked them to do it, but it felt right to give them a little more in return for their generosity.

PR: How much of your body would you show? And how much are you willing to share more generally?

Stephi: Our special-access Flickr photos would feature a lot more of my bare breasts and booty than my MM photos do, as well as teasing glimpses of my pussy. We never shoot anything we’d consider pornography and we never will. It’s just really good erotic photography.

PR: In any case, it sounds like your fans continued to demand more.

Stephi: They did. Offers started to come in from people wanting to pay me money — real money, and generous amounts of it to see my “flower.” Again, these photos all existed due to our extensive boudoir shooting. My husband and I figured if folks were really willing to pay that kind of money to see our work, then we’d set up a “Family” level with that kind of content.

PR: How has that worked out?

Stephi: I still can’t get over the revenue that decision generated. It’s just surreal. Would you believe I paid off a small student loan with it?! Just crazy. We’re not sure how big we want this to get at the moment, so we’ve stopped accepting those requests for a bit.

PR: What keeps you creating more and more images?

Stephi: It’s fun. It turns me on. It turns my husband on. It turns me on that it turns my husband on. LOL. Seriously though, this is a great way for my husband and me to spend time together. He gets to be creative and I get to feel like a sexy supermodel.

PR: How would you explain the fun of erotic modeling to a woman friend who’s camera-shy?

Stephi: You’ll discover a confidence you didn’t know you had.


Many thanks to Stephi.

  • Once you’re done enjoying our gallery of Stephi pix, you can sample some more here, here and here.
  • A membership at Microminimus is something I highly recommend to lovers of photos of girls in bikinis. Lots of fun personalities, warm (but respectful) enthusiasm from the fans, deep archives and awesome bodies. As far as outlets for sexy-beach-photos go, Microniminus has got a lot of the freshness that the Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue had in its early days. A year’s membership is a bargain at $25; even better, buy your lady $50 worth of Wicked Weasel dainties and get a year’s membership automatically.
  • Stephi’s officially no longer accepting paying viewers to her racier shots on Flickr, but if you contact her via FlickrMail (her Flickr handle is WWStephi) there’s a decent chance you might be able to work something out.
  • Check out some more interviews that we’ve done.

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  1. Wil Solo says:

    Great interview. What a woman, what a mind, and what a body.


  2. Robb says:

    Great interview with a “one of a kind” lady ! I think another interview in a year or so will find Stephi doing even more amazing things. Thanks for the wonderful piece !



  3. juha says:

    Amazing girl! Thanks a lot!!


  4. Tim says:

    Delightful interview with a real, smart, girl next door. Thanks for doing this interview. I also recommend you do a repeat in a year or so….she is a rising star.


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  6. Robert DelSigonre says:

    Stephi’s face is UNBELIEVABLY beautiful!


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