Naked Lady of the Week: Dasha Astafieva

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


I had no idea this model, a favorite from a few years back, had gotten sucked into the Playboy Dimension until I Googled her. Apparently, after rising to fame in Ukraine, she was invited to America to appear in ye olde bunny mag; she even spent some time as Hef’s official piece of arm candy — the rare brunette to hold that office.

Predictably, the Playboy photos make her look like a hot dog that’s been sitting in one of those heaters at the 7-11 for three days over whatever legal limitation is applicable to that sort of thing. The shoots she did for the European art sites are much better. They reveal a girl who is a natural camera subject, one with extravagant piebald skin and stormily romantic hair. You can imagine Courbet or Whistler being pleased at the prospect of capturing her interesting mix of the tasteful and the fulsome. Euro photographer Petter Hegre certainly seems to have been pleased with her: his photos are the best in Dasha’s portfolio precisely because they mine the space where flesh-and-blood playfulness overlaps with the remoteness of the objet d’art.

Several sources claim Dasha idolizes Bettie Page. I guess that makes sense . . .

These scaled-down images derive from MetArt and Hegre Art.

NSFW below. Happy Friday.






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