Naked Lady of the Week: Sandra Otterson aka Wifey

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Like her amateur-turned-pro colleague Danni Ashe, Wifey began her modeling career in the early days of the Internet on Usenet. In fact, I first (ahem) came across Wifey when she was featured on an early iteration of Danni’s Hard Drive. Wifey and her husband later spun-off their own highly successful porn site. Otterson, who describes herself as an “orally obsessed” housewife, looks like an 80s hair metal video vixen turned ultimate MILF. A natural XXX performer, her videos feature her in a variety of costumes and roles. Lots of clips of her showing off her talents at the usual tube sites.

Major boobage below the jump. Happy Memorial Day weekend.


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1 Response to Naked Lady of the Week: Sandra Otterson aka Wifey

  1. Icepick says:

    I don’t know how you write this post without mentioning that she may be THE Queen of the Facial. Others take more loads, but I don’t think anyone takes them as well.


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