Naked Lady of the Week: Jade

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Like former Naked Lady of the Week Dita Von Teese, Ukrainian model Jade looks something like a living Vargas girl. In fact, she might be colder, and more art-directed, than any of Vargas’ notoriously high-veneer Venuses.

Her finished-off quality bleeds into her work, in which a lack of expressiveness aspires to a weight that can be taken as either classical or flat-out boring. Regardless of where you come down on that particular judgement, I think you have to appreciate Jade’s willingness to play the part of the objet. She asks: Why fuck when you can venerate? Photographer Vitali Gubin does what he can to position her repose for erotic effect. He often succeeds, though I suspect Ingres would have done a better job of it.

All of the below photos derive from MetArt. I want to say that Jade is one of the models on whom MetArt founded its present empire, but I’m not sure enough of my erotica history to make that claim with anything approaching certainty.

Nudity below. Have a good weekend.


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