Naked Lady of the Week: Emma Evins

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


My infrequent (but still beloved) co-blogger Enzo Nakamura suggested Emma here as a Naked Lady of the Week candidate. An eminently good suggestion. I don’t know much about Emma, but she looks a bit like Emma Stone (hence the name?), and a bit like Lindsay Lohan before she turned orange. As you’ve no doubt already noticed, she’s into body hair. On her nicely designed blog she claims that “my hair symbolizes my empowerment, and desire to stay true to myself while I’m doing porn, and throughout every aspect of my life.” While I’m sometimes charmed by the ability of women to relate every damn thing to their empowerment, my sense is that an erotic model’s cultivation of  a hairy crotch and pits has more to do with marketing and brand recognition than power. But what the heck, if it makes her feel like Genghis Khan,  or even Ricardo Montalban from “The Wrath of Khan,” who am I to complain? She also claims to value naturalness, and I’m fully in support of the promotion of that particular quality.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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