Naked Lady of the Week: Maria Korshunova

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


The Ukrainian Maria — known by Mila, Zerra, and other working names — was in the news a few years back after some government-connected dude was filmed beating her in a cafe located in the city of Luhansk. I just learned about this while reading about her on TheNudeEU, where she is rated as a top-ten model. She seems to be working steadily, so I trust she’s recovered nicely. Let’s hope so, anyway.

There’s something elegant about her, but also something coltish, and maybe a little ungainly. Can you be elegant and ungainly at the same time? I think young women often can — especially ones with rangy, fashion-model bods. Though Maria’s well into her 20s, you get the sense that she’s still growing into herself. Hopefully she’ll always project that. It’s charming.

You can see some glamour photos here.

Nudity below the fold. Happy new year.

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1 Response to Naked Lady of the Week: Maria Korshunova

  1. marc says:

    It’s happen again
    A young girl, a big woman


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