Naked Lady of the Week: Michaela Kaplanova

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


The other day I had a conversation with Paleo Retiree, Blowhard, Esq., and some others on the topic of girls who are really sexy and appealing despite being somewhat quotidian. Selma Blair and Alyson Hannigan were posited as exemplars of this type. Czech model Michaela Kaplanova may represent another. I first noticed her on the legendary warts-on-all sites I Shot Myself and Abby Winters, and was struck by her combination of goofiness and poise, to say nothing of her shapely ass and slim dancer’s bod. Later I was pleased to discover that she’d also done a lot of work for the glossier mainstream sites. That’s some serious range!

According to IMDb, she’s been in a couple of Eli Roth movies, but — alas! — I think she’s retired from modeling. I would like to see more clips from this.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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Recovering liberal arts major. Unrepentant movie nut. Aspiring boozehound.
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