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  1. Faze says:

    The Neil deGrasse Tyson put down is way overdue, but the writer could have been more concise. What were those first two paragraphs about? I do like where he points out howTyson’s essays in obviousness are supposed to supposed to make you think: “‘Yes, I knew that,’ and imagine someone else, someone who didn’t know it already, some idiot, and think: “I’m better than that person, I’m so much smarter than everyone else.'” We really don’t need PhD’s to tell us that the world is not flat.


  2. plwinkler says:

    Surveys indicate that Americand are scientifically illiterate; many believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old and deny evolution. Programs such as Tyson’s ae directed at them, not you.


    • It’s pretty clear to me NDT’s Twitter account and shows are meant to appeal to liberals, reddit neckbeards, the IFLS crowd, and others who disdain Christianity. If the point is to educate evangelicals and born agains then he’s doing a piss poor job. Lefties, on the other hand, went gaga for his “Cosmos” series.


  3. JV says:

    For some reason, I collected all of the early Banana Republic catalogs when I was in high school, and I still have them. I have a vague recollection of being enamored of their “foreign correspondent” vibe, as I very much wanted to be one as a teenager. Funny, I haven’t thought about that in many years. I think I’ll try to dig up those catalogs tonight.

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