Naked Ladies of the Week: Girls of ’70s “Club”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


When I was a kid my father had several issues of the American version of “Club” in his dirty-magazine stash. They were particular favorites of mine. So I was tickled to discover this thread on the great site Vintage Erotica. I’m particularly drawn to the ’70s stuff that users have posted. I could explain why, but I suspect this preference is primarily based in familiarity: Simply put, ’70s porn is what I grew up on.

Yes, yes — porn of that era is full of that great bugaboo of contemporary erotica, ’70s bush. Among men, is there a more conspicuous marker of age and generation than a preference for bush? Guys born after the early ’80s probably don’t understand it. They wonder: How is it possible to find that mess appealing? But back in the day an appreciation for hair down there was something that had to be nurtured and cultivated — it was a mark of manhood.

These days I don’t mind shaved pussies, but it took me a while to find them not disappointing. That, too, was a taste that had to be cultivated. Let’s face it: As much as we men love pussy, it’s not chocolate or strawberries; hairy or shaved, we aren’t born finding it alluring. The allure comes after countless hours spent contemplating it, imagining it, wanting it. And of course porn plays a role in all that. Specifically, it gives our curiosity and ardor a visual focus, one to which we return in our memories after the magazine is closed or the browser window minimized. After all, the act of veneration often has a sensual dimension (ask any Catholic). Fiddle with the way something looks, and you impede the veneration.

Bushiness aside, I love the lighting and atmosphere of these photos. I believe many of them are the work of Fred Enke, who strikes me as really talented.

Nudity below. Have a good weekend.


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