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  1. peterike says:

    So many links, so little time! Really appreciate these lists even if I’ll never get to more than a few of them.

    LOVE the Lene Lovich! Was New Wave the last wave of real originality in pop music before it all become corporatized muck? Would Katy Perry be the Lene Lovich of 2016 if record company consolidation hadn’t happened? Or is Lene Lovich the Katy Perry of 1981?

    A quick Wiki shows me that Lene put out an album in 2005. No idea. Those kinds of things are usually disappointing, but I’m going to go hunt it down right now. I think this might be my favorite Lene song:


    • Loved her. Saw her only once live but it was a genuine theatrical experience. I interviewed her once (in her hotel room!) too. Unlike a lot of punk stars she was (and presumably is) a real performer.


  2. JV says:

    I’ve been reading Rod Dreher’s blog for about a month now based on your recommendation. At times I feel like I’ve caught him on a downward trend, some of his posts are quite reactionary and simplistic when he’s writing about this or that threat to Christianity, but then he’ll whip out an incredibly nuanced and thoughtful piece from a position I don’t really agree with, which is my sweet spot for writing. Echo chambers bore the shit out of me. However, it’s his commenters, the most intelligent, polite, thoughtful and politically/ethnically/etc diverse bunch I’ve come across in my many years reading blogs, that keep me reading. So, thanks for the rec, as they say.


    • Glad you’re enjoying him. I was more enthusiastic about him back in his “Crunchy Con” days — his more recent spiritual travails and wanderings haven’t spoken to me much. But he still writes a lot of good, open, graceful blog postings.

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  3. ricardo says:

    Will have to investigate Guy Clark, someone I’ve heard of but never knowingly heard. What leaped out of me from that article: Townes Van Zandt had written “I’ll Be Here in the Morning” by the time he was 19. Holy crap.


  4. Will S. says:

    The Henry James link isn’t working.


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