Naked Lady of the Week: Jordan Capri

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


We featured Tawnee Stone a few weeks ago, so now I suppose we’re obliged to feature Jordan Capri. Like Tawnee, Jordan was a fictional character, a creation of the geniuses behind the Lightspeed network of porn sites.

Spanish Wikipedia claims she was introduced as Tawnee’s best friend, causing me to wonder if Lightspeed ever contrived WWE-style storylines in which the pair engaged in feuds and then made up by having pillow fights and enthusiastically exploring their sexuality.

As a model Jordan was considerably more vivacious than Tawnee — her personality was as beguiling as her tight little gymnast’s bod. (Okay, nearly as beguiling.) On Peachy Forum, where Jordan seems to have engaged in conversations with her fans, she responded to a question by writing:

I don’t feel my “success was entirely down to you getting naked all the time”  Some people may disagree, but I don’t care.  I think I’m a freakin’ HAM for the camera and let my true personality shine through on ALMOST (i stress ALMOST) everything I did for [Lightspeed]…which is what made me so popular.

Can’t argue with that.

She claims to have been the second most popular amateur model on the internet for a time. Was that second to Tawnee? Do you suppose they had a rivalry? I hope so. That’s kind of hot, right?

Apparently, she blogged on My Space for a while, got married, quit the biz, came back, did hardcore, quit again, and — err — went to jail? I’m going to stop Googling before I’m too far down the rabbit hole to find my way out.

Her real name is supposedly Lori.

Let’s hope Lori is a free woman and enjoying her 30s. She brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.

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1 Response to Naked Lady of the Week: Jordan Capri

  1. mileyspears says:

    Some of you already know I know the real “Tawnee Stone” but I never met “Jordan Capri.” Tawnee is a fictional name but she isn’t a fictional character, so I doubt Jordan is either. Tawnee said Steve basically wanted the girls to be themselves. In a lot of porn or erotica, the girls are faking. They loudly suck in air and make fake expressions and pretend to be somebody they aren’t, but usually not very well. A lot of them act the same as everybody else which can get boring.

    Steve wanted to do something different. He wanted the girls to be individuals, really to be themselves only on camera. That’s why they were so popular because they were real.

    Tawnee said sometimes Steve had her do things she wouldn’t usually do, and in some of the videos she felt embarrassed. But some of that was things anybody might feel embarrassed about, like having somebody film you do a sport you aren’t really good at.

    Tawnee never said anything about having a rivalry with Jordan so I don’t think they did. Really Tawnee was totally surprised she became as popular as she did. She’s really a little shy, and is very sweet.


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