“The Night Manager” (2016)

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

Finally caught up with this wonderful BBC series. If Guy Ritchie’s THE MAN FROM UNCLE does classic Bond better than the recent Bonds, then THE NIGHT MANAGER does realistic Bond better than the recent Bonds. All of the Bond trappings are here: the hero, the villain, the girl, the henchmen, Moneypenny, globe-trotting, advanced military technology, beautiful clothes, a casino, Swiss bank accounts, and they even squeeze in a vodka martini. But it’s all wrapped up Le Carré-esque plausibility. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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7 Responses to “The Night Manager” (2016)

  1. Uncle Kenny says:

    You neglected to mention a stunning woman who seems to have difficulty staying clothed.

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  2. Peterike says:

    Thanks for the tip off. Never would have guessed from the title. Sounds like a cheap horror film. Will check it out.

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  3. jjbees says:

    It was pretty good.

    Worth a watch if you’re into the sedate-ish spy stuff. It’s also quite realistic.

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  4. Ace9 says:

    I love my le Carrie but it is all about the creation of a female George Smiley. Seeing Iraq War vet played by Hiddleston get the vapors just by looking at Dr House told me everything I needed to know: a show by women for women.


  5. Fenster says:

    i thought it was as good as 2016’s Our Kind of Traitor was tired.

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  6. Peterike says:

    Two episodes in and enjoying it a good deal. Thank you.

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