Naked Lady of the Week: Diana Bronce

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Is a strawberry blonde closer to a blonde or a redhead, or is she irreducible to a more comprehensive genus? I think of true strawberry blondes as being at least as unique and as estimable as redheads. So if forced to classify them with one group or the other, I’d choose redheads.

Diana Bronce is supposedly Russian, but judging by her looks — their strawberry quality in particular — I suspect her genes are more than a little Scandinavian. After all, somebody’s ancestors put the “Rus'” in “Russia.” Why not hers?

Even though she’s 30, she just started modeling in 2016. That’s somewhat unusual.  The extra years give her a lived-in quality that sets her apart from the average 23-year-old.

All of the photos of her that I’ve found seem to be shot by the same person. They’re bright and genial, but more than a little anodyne. I’d like to see some different moods and tonalities. In one or two sets — the one taken outdoors in particular — we get a better sense of the variability of her complexion. I suspect that in person, sans makeup and Photoshop, she appears downright splotchy. Why do I like splotchiness in a girl? It may have something to do with my taste for the unaffected and the organically layered. The back of a girl with freckles can be like one of Monet’s paintings of waterlilies. Your eye can’t know it without becoming lost in it.

Of her complexion she says:

On my face and body I have a lot of freckles. I love them, they remind me of the warm sun, even in the cloudy weather.

I’ll accept that as an alternate rationalization.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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