Notes on “The Minds of Men”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Aaron and Melissa Dykes, who operate under the name Truthstream Media, are Alex Jones expats (they seem to regret the affiliation) who make videos about government cover-ups, conspiracy lore, and the like; they’re like Mulder and Scully without the FBI expense accounts. Their new documentary, “The Minds of Men,” is more impressive than the (already pretty impressive) videos on their YouTube channel. They claim the movie took them three years to put together, and I don’t doubt them; they not only live up to their rep as research mavens, they vault over it. The information presented is so tightly woven, and so seemingly well-sourced, that it is at times overwhelming. The Dykeses cannily twist this overwhelmingness towards an aesthetic end: The movie zaps your neurons, leaving you in a fugue state suitable for a documentary about mind control, hypnosis, and the subjective nature of perception. The editing is equally impressive. It may be the most densely cut picture I’ve seen this year, its lapping, almost-stream-of-consciousness rhythms recalling — no joke — Chris Marker. The big drawback: at nearly four hours, it’s a long sit, especially given the level of attention it demands. But I learned a lot while watching it, and I’m still a little freaked out by the footage of monkeys running around with little electrode pillboxes poking out of their skulls.


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