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A Third Way for Campus Speech?

Fenster writes: Shulamit Reinharz, the director of an academic center at Brandeis, has an op-ed in the Boston Globe calling for a third way on campus speech.  Alluding to the tension currently present between free speech and those who would … Continue reading

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Tricky Teachable Moments

Fenster writes: Here is an article about a college prof getting a reprimand for what for some was a heavy-handed approach to teachable moments about white privilege and racism.  This is tricky territory.   Here, the administration seemed to be … Continue reading

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Put Down That Bacon

Fenster writes: My first post here and I am thinking about how and whether the site will cohere or whether it is likely to be pretty shaggy and wide-ranging.  I favor the latter. Still and all, it might be nice from … Continue reading

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