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Why Does College Cost So Much?

Fenster writes: Thomas Sowell tweets: Those who want the government to provide subsidies to help meet the high cost of college seem not to consider whether government subsidies might have contributed to the high cost of college in the first … Continue reading

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You Read it Here First!

Fenster writes: Steve Sailer has reviewed Heather MacDonald’s new book The Diversity Delusion, which deals with the kudzu-like growth of college administrative staff devoted to promoting the creed of diversity and enforcing its many unforgiving norms. MacDonald is an exemplary … Continue reading

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What is the “Right” Take on Higher Education?

Fenster writes: My wife makes fun of me because when I give directions I tend to mix up left and right.  I don’t know why I do this.  I am a fairly hard “P” (perceiver) in Meyers-Briggs terms so it … Continue reading

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A Generation on a Ledge

Fenster writes: I wrote here about how the pro-faculty American Association of University Professors issued a report critical of the misuses of Title IX.  And how Fester found that take to be refreshing and welcome.  But also that it was … Continue reading

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Inside Graduate Admissions

Fenster writes: A new book takes a look at the admissions process in graduate schools.  It’s Inside Graduate Admissions by Julie Posselt. And here’s an article about the book from Inside Higher Education. And further commentary from the insightful Megan … Continue reading

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Politics and Higher Education (Fishes and Bicycles)

Fenster writes: The American Way of Higher Education is a lot more about letting a hundred flowers bloom than the heavy hand of central government.  Certainly we are a lot more freewheeling than China, where the government and the party … Continue reading

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Tricky Teachable Moments

Fenster writes: Here is an article about a college prof getting a reprimand for what for some was a heavy-handed approach to teachable moments about white privilege and racism.  This is tricky territory.   Here, the administration seemed to be … Continue reading

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