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Beyoncé, Carly Rae Jepsen, and The Song Machine

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Beyoncé has released a new album, Lemonade, to predictably rapturous reviews. Ever since her halftime performance during the 2013 Superbowl, her every emanation has been greeted by the Beyhive with an ecstasy that puts the average Marvel movie fanboy … Continue reading

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Quote Du Jour: Silly Love Songs

Blowhard, Esq. writes: During the nineteen seventies, when I was writing rock criticism and pop songs, and playing music, I used to wonder why there were so many love songs. More specifically, I wondered why ninety percent of the pop songs … Continue reading

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Architecture Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes: The elevator and mailbox in the lobby of the famous Brill Building. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Juxtaposin’: Are Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat?

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

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